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What's the one thing everyone gets from time to time - ok, besides overdraft fees? That's right, every pants wearing human has to reach back at some point to unstick the stuck! And today, we take you behind the scenes (so to speak) at Wedgie Nation.Com.

Wedgie Nation is a free community that examines and exploits the most uncomfortable aspect of clothing. A virtual internet docudrama of the wedged in, tucked in and frighteningly stuck! Nice butt Donna, now pull your shorts out of it! Smooth out that skirt Mrs. Murphy, there's no comfort in wearing it in the crack of your tookas!.

Sign on for free and let the fun start. At
Wedgie Nation, nobody is immune to the laughs. The butcher, the baker and the college hottie, all have something in common. And if you're a real connoisseur, you can be an official wedgie hunter, just snap some digital pics or videos and upload them for free. It's as easy as pulling your drawers out of your butt!

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